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In the first room of kino when u start you go under the stairs and there is a picture u just crouch under it

then the other person crouches next to the mystery box with the teddy on it on the right side and the zombies just keep walking up and down the stairs

but watch out behind u

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9 Responses to Zombies-Kino Der Toten New Glitch

  1. JJ says:

    I really need more glitches for kino der toten

  2. Will says:

    what does that do?

  3. ronaldo007 says:

    wHAT a fuck i what a glitch too

  4. ronaldo says:

    this glitch is the best
    i whant more

  5. Nathan says:

    How about if your playing solo zombies

  6. Ismail says:

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