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6 Responses to Black Ops Zombies God Mode Glitch

  1. KarsonS10 says:

    this works as long as you dont move out from in front of the host/1st player at all, if a zombie moves you, then as far as i saw, get your ass back to infront of the host/1st player asap, or your screwed, also, not sure if it works with dogs yet

  2. flah says:

    give me fill chets zombie black ops

  3. tatertwat_jr69 says:

    you need to speak up over the game audio or mute the game i can hardly hear anything you say.

  4. speak up this crap if i cant hear you. i want a full back to back glitch tutorial so that i can do some glitches

  5. What the hell do you mean?

  6. demondassassin4 says:

    it means he want ten thousand penis up he ass

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